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Best Guide To Driving In United Arab Emirates

When you’re in a place with a rich history, look for attractions you can appreciate. However, keep in mind that in order to drive vehicles around UAE without breaching the law, you must acquire an International Driving License.

Some Points to remember: Driving In United Arab Emirates

  • You have to drive on the right side of the road.
  • The minimum age limit  for driving is 18 years. You can rent a car if you are 21 years or more.
  • Keep your documents with you all times like passport, driving license, IDP and car rental documents.
  • If you get pulled over by the police for a traffic violation, you will be given a penalty notice and given 21 days to submit the fine at the nearby police station.
  • The government of the United Arab Emirates has imposed harsh punishments for certain road offences, particularly driving under the influence of alcohol. The UAE Police and the RTA operate a system of black points, which can result in your driving license being confiscated or suspended if you commit multiple offences. If you test positive for alcohol during a breathalyzer test, you could face penalties and possibly jail time.
  • It’s also worth noting that talking on the phone, getting dressed in your car, and applying makeup while driving are all illegal.
  • When driving, you should always wear your seatbelt.
  • Offensive gestures, such as making disrespectful hand signals or shouting at other drivers, can result in fines, jail time, or, in some situations, deportation. Don’t succumb to road rage.
  • If you are involved in an accident and your vehicle is obstructing traffic, you should relocate it to the side. Do not attempt to flee the accident scene. Call the cops and wait for them to arrive to handle the situation.

Our Tip: Driving In United Arab Emirates

  • The authorities in UAE are particularly strict when it comes to traffic laws. As a result, you’ll need to make sure you’re licensed to drive there.
  • Due to the high temperatures in the region, it is highly recommended to get a car with an air conditioning system.
  • There is zero tolerance in Dubai for speeding or drunk driving.

Weather Conditions:

UAE’s climate is arid and scorching. Winter and summer are the two distinct seasons in Dubai. Summer in Dubai starts at the end of April and lasts until the first week of October. Extremely hot weather, hot winds, and high humidity characterize this period.

Have fun on your journey and stay safe!


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